Full service including training

Perhaps you intend to create a Joomla CMS based site for the first time. We can do that with one of our templates or one from another vendor. Our first objective is to gain considerable insight into your business in order to determine the most effective way for your new website to be successful. After we agree on the overall website scheme, web presence goals and general content for your Website, we will begin the page layout process. We will ask you to provide content materials including text, graphics, forms and charts. You will have the opportunity to monitor our work throughout the process. Once you have approved the website's final design and content, it will be published for access to all.

Alternatively, we can makeover your existing site with a new "Joomla" look and update content.

For those who would prefer to become self-sufficient in creating a new website or updating an existing site, we can teach you what you need to know. The extent of training will depend on the complexity of your site as well as your general experience level.


What it will cost:

After we've agreed on the scope of services you require, I will submit a total package fixed price quote for your approval. Then, website design work will commence. Preliminary website pages will be built on the web server so you can monitor the website construction process on an ongoing basis. Once final approval of the website is obtained, the site will be transferred to the assigned permanent location.

All services include design, layout, and posting to the web server. We can also assist you in making arrangements for domain names and website hosting at no additional charge. JoomlaPatterns prefers to use high-quality graphics (usually photo objects) either from your collection or from images shot with our digital camera. We are also capable of designing original graphics including logos, banner and other page elements. It is assumed that you will provide the logo graphic. If not, we can design one for you.

Training is included!

That's what separates JoomlaPatterns from other website design firms.  Once your new website has been completed. we will train you how to maintain it.

 Other services are similarly quoted on a fixed price basis including such things as:

  • - Email marketing materials
  • - Print marketing materials
  • - Newsletters, brochures and flyers
  • - Digital photography
  • - Custom designed graphics including logos
  • - Word processing including saving to Adobe Acrobat format
  • - PowerPoint presentations
  • - Computer training... basic, intermediate or advanced
  • - Software training including Microsoft Office
  • - Other forms of general consulting.

Let's discuss how we can help you and your company/organization succeed. It's easy to get the process started. Just call 618-524-7590 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an initial planning meeting. A written  fixed cost quote will subsequently be provided.


Your complete satisfaction is our goal!